Product maintenance

Fire Pit Champion tools are made from 1018 steel. It is normal for 1018 steel rust over time when exposed to harsh environmental factors and constant open flame. A high temp paint may be used to protect any exposed steel that may have been exposed due to normal wear. This will greatly extend the life of your tool.

  • Please take care to NEVER use flammable lubricants on your fire tool. Injuries may occur.
  • Store your fire tools out of the direct flame when not in use
  • Keep your tools away from excessive moisture and rain when possible.
  • Never lean on fire tools


1 Year limited warranty on materials and craftsmanship. Fire Pit Tools are built to last generations. If you are ever unsatisfied or need help with your fire tool for any reason, please contact us immediately for friendly USA support.

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Phone: (320) 318-1662